About The Best of VC Marketplace

The Best of VC Marketplace was started by owner Talia Wunder in early 2011. The idea for the store was a light bulb moment . . . why didn't California have any stores that carried local products only? Washington has Made in Washington, and many other states have similar stores. Talia decided to take the idea a step further and limit the store to only Ventura County, and Best of VC was born.

Many have asked what the criteria is for being in the store. It's pretty simple, the product must be a quality product, and it must a Ventura County product. But what does being a Ventura County product mean? Most of our products are actually made in Ventura County, but some of our products are from Ventura County companies or residents but are made outside the county.

A good example is Earl's Gone Wild. Started by two Ventura County friends, Earl's has been wildly successful to the point that they had to outsource their bottling to a company outside of Ventura County. But you can't get more local than Lee and Earl and their dedication to using all natural ingredients, sourcing the bottles from the US, and their love of Ventura County.

Another example is Ventura Coffee. Owner Tim Weir wants his coffee to be the best coffee you've ever had, but since we don't grow coffee in Ventura County, Tim finds the best beans from all over the world, roasts them to perfection, and brings them to you.

The Best of VC is proud to carry more than 100 vendors and artists, and to showcase some of the best that Ventura County has to offer. We hope you will visit our store in person so you can see our entire collection of products.

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